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Do i Need a new wiring harness for my 94 LS coupe Manual?

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So after me and my brothers had to basically snap back on the front bumper after it decided to come off and play I traffic, I noticed the the plastic covering under the fender on the front left side of the wheel was literally hanging off. So I took it off and left my car overnight because I was going to go to a mechanic to get my bumper fixed.

When I came out I saw that a piece of the wiring harness was sticking out on the wheel - still attached but it was sticking out. At the time me or my younger brother didn't know what it was so we just tucked it in ad rode out to the shop. The harness was rubbing on the wheel basically the whole time so by the time we got to the shop it chewed up some of the wires. I left the car overnight and the mechanic fixed the bumper and had another mechanic fix the messed up wires and fixed up the whole situation with the harness.

I rode off and realized that my HID headlight on the left side was flickering. I had a friend that installed the HID's look at it and after switching the boxes he told me that it wasn't the bulbs or the boxes - the wrong was still messed up.

Added on to that - ever since I got my baby basically everything on the dash doesn't work when I put on my lights @ night and the air comes out without a way to shut it off.

Would a new wiring harness solve these problems? And if so do u know anyone what's selling it for a 94 LS manual type II?

Cause I can't keep riding like this....

I need help guys!!!!

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The issues your having were happening before the wires were damaged correct? The cheapest way to get a new Barnes is from a JY.
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