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Do you think this would be ok, or would it burn out.

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I took the harness out from usdm headlights and was going to wire up my JDMs with the 9006 HID kit for the low beams and use the high beam harness to wire up the foglights. So if I hit the high beams the fogs come on. What do you think?
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I agree with dgandul: putting them in the parking light circuit with a relay is probably the easiest way and then they're always on (unless you opt to have a separate switch, which I did not). One thing I've noticed though, is that while driving at night, people seem the think that the fogs are high beams, I guess just because they're in the center? I get at least one person flashing their beams at me a night, so I just show 'em mine right back, haha. Anyone else experience that?
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