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Does Andy's Autosport make a Legend Coupe Kit???

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Do they produce kits for Acura Legend Coupes aswell or only the Sedan as posted on their website? Just wanted to know. THanks
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no coupe kits.
people "modify" it to make it fit.
I called Paul at Andy's and he said this is their partner company and they DO have coupe kits!! If you want any of these call Andy's and ask for Paul he can hook you up cheaper I'm sure than what is listed!
sarona is down the street from my girlfriends house. they do sell kits for the coupe but it's not the andy's combat kit that you see on their site. they have erebuni and kanimari copies. prices arent that bad.
You mean the red one at the top of the Legend page is BS?!?!
the red one is not the combat kit. looks like something else. this is the combat kit:

the front lip and side as well as the rear bumper is different.
Have you checked Asylum?? Here it is! They got some tight sh** but I know of nobody having it...Plus I can't get it they won't ship to me!!
they have the greddy for only $515 this is a great website.
THE red kits is the efx P1 kit. and did anyone check out the eyelids they have for $79?
Finding a cheaper price...

I know this may be a dumb question but does anyone know if Andy's Autosport sells their kits to other companies in large quantities and in turn, that company sells their kits for less?

I'm in the market for an Andy's Autosport Kit for my 92 Sedan but was hoping that there is a company out there who sells them for less than $989.00 as posted on the website.

Does anyone know someone who might be able to hook me up with this kit for a great deal? If so, please let me know ASAP. THanks

Don't buy from Asylum. They are here in Denver, I have heard nothing but bad things from them. The site has alot of pictures but they seem to never come through. Trust me, I have tried. Would love to get a hold of a rear and front bumper. And it's not just here in Denver, but people from different forums.
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