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Does anyone know ....................

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I had my hood open yesterday and noticed that a wire was broken. It is the wire that snaps into the hood latch connector and is protected by some ribbed plastic tubing. One wire comes from the drivers side behind the headlight and connects to the wire that also connnects to the hood latch. The parts that were broken were two soldered joints with diodes soldered to the wire. Is this stock or is it part of my aftermarket alarm? My guess is it is for the hood sensor, so when the hood gets opened, the alarm sounds. Either way, if someone else has this setup, let me know. I would like to repair it back to how it was. Thanks.
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I was searching the forums yesterday about how to disable the factory alarm and it was said that there's a sensor on the hood latch that you have to bend back to trick the car into thinking that the hood is always open. Hope this helps.
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