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doing a tune-up in a couple of days-help!

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I am new to my legend and I want to tune it up.

I did a search on psark plugs and have read that copper or platinum is best for these cars. However where can i get them are they on the shelf in auto parts stores?

I also want to change the oil again I changed it about 3 weeks ago and it was very dirty I want to change it again but before i do can i put some type of cleaning agent in there right before i change it? I use valvoline maxlife but should i use 5w 30 or 10w?

also i want to change the tranny fluid what is the best type to use?

any other suggestions a re welcome

It has 140,000 miles on it
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Everyone will tell you that you need to use Honda tranny fluid only
dont use copper spark plugs imo, get either platinum or iridium. the subject on which is better between platinum and iridium goes back and forth on this forum as well as many others. either way they're both good, ngk is good or denso plugs

like chris said, go get honda tranny fluid

as far as the oil goes, theres plenty of solutions out there. do a search on it, i know it's been discussed before. use 5w30 when choosing oil

if you have the money get your timing belt and water pump replaced.

while you're under the car may as well change the differential fluid.
thanks for the replies but can i get the plugs/wires in any parts store?
most auto parts store might have ngk on hand, g2 legends dont have spark plug wires fyi.
JTJohnny102 said:
g2 legends dont have spark plug wires fyi.
thanks because i was just beginning to feel stupid :eek: I was looking hard for thise wires
Suggest you install the NGK plugs. Not inexpensive, but good for 60k miles. You also need to change your fuel and air filters. Check the PCV valve. Should change the cabin filter as well. You may find the best overall price from Acura of Augusta (you will need them for the OEM cabin filter). The platinum plugs are around $72 for the set. You can find a PCV valve less expensive aftermarket. Now would also be the time in which to change the coolant and thermostat. While the coolant is drained clean the throttle body. Not knowing what Preventative Maintenance has been performed recently, you may also wish to change the radiator hoses.

If you have not already purchased it, for an early Christmas present buy yourself a HELM service manual ( Saving one trip to the repairer will have paid for the manual.
Go here -->

I would go through the recommended maintenance and check everything out and replace what is needed. Also, on that thread, there is a downloadable Helms manual, which has REALLY helped me out.
ok did you say 72 bux for spark plugs?
as in 6 spark plugs, platinum and iridium plugs are quite a bit more than your normal plugs
NGK = quality plugs. Don't you want the best for your legend ;)
$72 for spark plugs?????

I bought NGK's at pep boys for 3 bones a peice...
bwilder10h said:
$72 for spark plugs?????

I bought NGK's at pep boys for 3 bones a peice...
what kind of ngk did you get, i know for a fact ngks dont run 3 dollars, at least not iridiums
They were the NGK part number listed in the manual. I took the book right in to the parts counter so I got the right thing...
there are different kinds of ngk spark plugs, standards would more than likely be the cheapest. iridiums dont run for 3 bucks, trust me. ngk also carries a higher class spark plug that run about 12 bucks a plug. typically im assuming most of us that have ngk just have the iridiums ix which run about 6-7 bucks
spark plug is a spark plug... which need to conduct a spark and copper is the most conductive avaliable!
have to change copper plugs a lot more, 30k miles i believe, so they dont last very long
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