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Suggest you install the NGK plugs. Not inexpensive, but good for 60k miles. You also need to change your fuel and air filters. Check the PCV valve. Should change the cabin filter as well. You may find the best overall price from Acura of Augusta (you will need them for the OEM cabin filter). The platinum plugs are around $72 for the set. You can find a PCV valve less expensive aftermarket. Now would also be the time in which to change the coolant and thermostat. While the coolant is drained clean the throttle body. Not knowing what Preventative Maintenance has been performed recently, you may also wish to change the radiator hoses.

If you have not already purchased it, for an early Christmas present buy yourself a HELM service manual ( Saving one trip to the repairer will have paid for the manual.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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