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Spiff said:
My driverside door is a little low.

When I pull the door in, I have to pull it slightly up, then it just catches the door puller and the door closes.

I can (when the door is open) pull on it (upwards) and it moves about a 1/4 inch up.

I took a look at the bolts, but I don't think my ratchet will be able to get in there.
Anyone ever had to adjust theirs ?
Hi Spiff,
mybe this helps, but you can´t adjust the door lock striker !!!
The only way is:
I would however check to make sure the 2 screws homding the door lock actuator latch assembly on the door itself is tight. If it is loose, it can cause the door to do what you decribed.
You can make a small IN/OUT and UP/DOWN adjustment of the active striker. You need to loosen the 4 screws. The manual suggests the use of liquid thread lock to be used at the final tightening sequence

Mike / Cologne (Germany)
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