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door light comes on when door is close.

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sometimes when i drive my passenger rear door light would come on. i am thinking it is some where under the dash. when ever the light come on i would just bang under the dash and the light would go off, but when i hit a bump it would come back on. i took off the under dash part and it seems ok. plus i don't even know what to look for. any suggestion.
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where is the door pin located at?
there is no pin switch on these cars, there is a large unit that is the lock and latch... there are two switches in them, one senses when the mechanism is locked and the other when it is latched...

The not sensing when closed (latched) is not as common and it is a sealed switch so I would first remove the door panel for that door and try taking apart and reconnecting the connector several times to see if that clears up the problem...

The other common problem is the lock sense switch. if you have that problem, use the wiring diagrams in the online manual to know which wires... the switch for the lock is common to go out, there is a DIY for fixing it but it was not what was wrong with mine.. there are contacts that get dirty, take the unit apart per the DIY and then use tuner cleaner with lubricant (radio shack has it) and work it back and forth...
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