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door won't shut cleanly - wind noise results

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I have a 91 Legend L Coupe. The driver's side door won't shut cleanly: there is too much overlap between the upper rubber moulding on the door and that of the door frame - there is enough space between these that on the freeway the wind noise is really intolerable - especially considering that I just dropped a couple grand on a very nice stereo system. Is there an easy adjustment to remedy this?

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Is your active striker working? It should bring the door in a bit after the door is fully closed. If it is, you could also try adjusting the active striker which will provide some limited up/down/fore/aft adjustment. You need to use liquid thread lock when you position for the final time.

Are you sure it is the door adjustment and not the window glass - weatherstrip or even air from the outside mirror? There is a TSB re Wind Noise.
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