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my drivers side window not only does it roll down/up reeeaalllllly slow (so does the passenger side) but, my auto down works inconsistently, it only works sometimes and most of the time i'd say 85-90% of the time it doesn't work. i've noticed it usuallyonly works on warm days. does anyone know what's wrong and how to fix it? DIY? or professionally done?

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Either, it could be a sign that your window regulator is dying.
Or, the inner rubbers slides justs needs some lubrication.

To solve your problems...
Spraying silicone on the windows sills solved the problem temporarily.

Did you lubricated the glass run channels with silicone spray?
If not, then...
- remove the inner panel and observe the operation of the window. Lubricate the regulator run channel. You may have to buy new glass run channels or a regulator. You don't indicate whether the vehicle is a Coupe or Sedan, nor the year.

To get more infor about "Removing inner door panel", see Kojis homepage at
Hope this helps !:)

Mike / Cologne (Germany)
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