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Drivers auto window switch

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Is there a fuse or something to make this option work because when I press mines all the way down it doesn't go down by itself.
Anyone else with this problem?
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Sorry, I don't have the answer but my switch is having the same problem. I wonder if it is a fuse. I think that it is the switch rather than the fuse but I might be wrong. Does someone know?
I don't have all the details, but I remember reading that its a common problem with our Legends and it has to do with the switch. From what I read on the forums its not an easy thing to fix, and if you want to buy a new switch, they are expensive.

Hopefully someone else will reply with more detailed info....
Thanks Octane.
A fuse is available (kick panel, left side in the driver side). But your problem has nothing to do with a fuse. Your problem is probably the inner small motherboard of the switch (like some corrision)

Here are good and helpfull details (incl. the pics) which helps you:
(posted from Golden Coupe)
Hope this helps and good luck !

Thanks guys, as long as I can roll my window down and up, I'll take care of it when I can afford it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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