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Driver's Side Power Window Off Track

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Hey guys. It appears that my window is slightly off track when closing it all the way up. Motor runs up and down with no problem. Just that slight gap when the window is closed. Really annoying when on the freeway due to the noise. Is this an expensive and/or diffucult fix?
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You might try cleaning the window channels, and lubricating
the channels. The link below shows how to adjust.

Here is a link to service manual section:
Acura Legend Online Service Manual (Page: 0776)

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Fallow the instructions above but one step is missing roll window up down you will see a bolt (10mm) going up and down like 1"inch of movement it is located just slight left, when you find this bolt roll window all the way down and thigh this bolt and you will see the magic

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Here the other 2
good luck

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Have I told you lately that you guys are awesome? Super awesome!! Thanks Boru!! Thanks Luiscayax!!:beerchug:
You Welcome

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BeatleKnight, This may be overkill; but, here is a DIY for the door actuator. The
DIY involves accessing the window regulator to get to the actuator.. You might find that part helpful. Also, you may someday have to repair the door lock actuator. GL

Actuator repair DIY:
Acura Legend Door Lock Actuator DIY Fix
Boru, when it comes to my Legend overkill is acceptable. Lol. Thank you for the DIY link. Much appreciated.
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