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I have driving lights for my '90 LS coupe. I simply got some that had the same 12V / 55watts H3 bulbs as my stock fog lights and used the same wiring. I placed them right where the other fogs had been. They do look a little funny sticking out so far and I would consider placing them inwards around the grill. I don't think that their are covers for the fog holes. If it bothers you I would use some mesh and make a little grill for it.
However, I would recommend getting aftermarket fog lights instead of driving lights if you want to use the same place. These will fill the spot better and you won't have to worry about covers. If you are going to be sticking to your stock halogen bulbs I would go with a yellow color fog lights or the color of your car. I just put hyperwhite bulbs in my headlights and hyperwhite bulbs in my corner headlamps. Thus I got the fake HID driving lights that have the blue coating on the lense. Then, I also put a hyperwhite bulb in these. The whole driving light setup cost me about $50 and they look very impressive for that amount of money. They light shines out with a very slight blueish hue from the side because you can see the coating on the lense but from the front they look crystal white. You can get the fogs at Walmart for about $35 and I got hyperwhite bulbs for about $12 made by Pilot at Discount Auto parts. It sounds cheap but they are brighter than stock headlamps. Hope that helps.

'90 LS coupe

20% tint
Custom mesh grill
Custom clear bumper lamps
Kenwood 10 disc CD
Interior 10" sound activated neons x 2
166,000 miles
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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