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Sprung17 said:
the reason why people dyno tune it is so they can safely tune their car without being on the road endangering people.

My friend and I are planning to get his IS 300 dyno tuned after we street tune his car. Though we need to find a decent shop that knows how to deal with the Greddy E-manage and a turbo charged IS. I don't know how our car would do getting dyno tuned, while we are N/A and with out real good engine management.
People dyno tune cars because they car easily replicate variables that the road cannot - such as load, temperature, and back-to-back data logs. Tell your friend to junk that E-Manage and get a MAP ECU or an AEM - I'm dead serious... he won't be sorry - E-Manage is junk.

It's cool that he's doing an IS - I wish him luck - those are cool when they are turboed...

[EDIT] - you CAN use the AEM EMS - buy it for a Honda, NSX, whatever... the BOX is the same - it's the harness/plastic coupling that's not. You'll have to pull the box apart, rip out the harness, rewire it for the Legend, and reinstall it - good luck... I'd trust ONLY JASON SIEBELS with this - as he is one of the main techs at AEM for the EMS program. Wish that I hadn't sold mine...
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