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E-ram (electric supercharger!!!!)

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so has anyone heard of it. . . . E-ram that is? if so what do u think about it? for those of u who havent heard check out the web page. for 300 dollars and 15 horsepower that isnt bad. check out the demo video to it is sweet!!!
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another "tornado"
I would say don't waste your time and $$$ on this....

"Performance Guarantee:

After purchasing and (properly) installing the e-RAM on your engine, you do not feel that the performance increase is what we have claimed (4%-6% HP increase), you just need to do the following within 30 days of receiving your e-RAM to get a full refund*..

Take your car to a dyno test in your area. Make dyno runs with and without the e-RAM activated, and take a picture of how it was installed. Mail the e-RAM back to us with the picture, a copy of your receipt, and a clear copy of your dyno comparison results (signed as witnessed by the technician running the dyno). If the dyno shows the e-RAM does not increase horsepower in your engine by an average of at least 4% of its previous horsepower throughout the 3000 to 6000 rpm range, and we conclude from the picture that you have installed the unit correctly, we will give you a full refund* and even pay for 1/2 your dyno fee! (up to a maximum of $50 reimbersement)

*Full refund does not include shipping charges"

Compatability information NEW UPDATE (9/9/99):

After additional comprehensive testing, we have found that some engines do not respond to the added air-flow from the e-RAM.

"The following engine sizes will not see substantial gains from the e-RAM:

All engines above 5.0 Liters [350 cu. in. engines require two e-RAMs mounted in parallel (separately) to get 4%-6% gains]

Concerning certain engines that have not responded to the added air-flow provided by the e-RAM in our tests:

Nissan Sentra SER (Nissan G20 2L engine)
Infinity G20 (Nissan G20 2L engine)
Pontiac Grand Am 2.4L (GM 2.4L engine)
Chevy Cavalier Z24 (GM 2.4L engine)
e-RACING has done extensive tests on various engine management systems on multiple vehicles from various automobile manufacturers and the vehicles mentioned above are the only engines that have not responded to the added air-flow provided by the e-RAM."
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Yeah, Guy...seems like alot of these are popping up lately.
Too bad they aren't legit...I wouldn't mind adding a chip or device that bolts on 30whp.

Oh well, I will try for the FI other than NOS
I heard it was a blower used to ventilate the below decks of boats.
Anyway, a few years ago I tried to develop a real electric s/c. I used to work at an FAA repair facility, and I had access to turbine housings and gear drive electric motors. We did the math on it, and found to raise intake pressure to 3 psi above atmosphere, it took like 30-40 amps to drive a very expensive multipole DC motor with a gearbox output to a compressor at 30,000 rpms. But, if you had the money, you could make a real electric S/C, but don't be fooled by a ventillation blower poser.
Hey all, gotta chime in on this one.

First let me say that these fans will not get you any appreciable HP.
But I found that my mileage went up.

I had installed a compturer fan in side the factory intake, after the filter but before the TCS.

I had run with it for about a month.
My regular mileage was around 430KM per tank - yeah, I got a heavy foot.
With this fan, I was getting 550-600KM per tank. I ran it with the fan for a month - regular driving habits. I do 60% HWY and 40% City, with A/C on 80% of the time.

I believe that with the increase of air, the fuel burnt more efficiently.
I would still be using it, but I need to figure out how to build/fashion some thing incase the fan breaks and a blade goes tumbling down into the engine. :D (Don't have time right now to take apart the intake again)

Don't want to start a debate here, just letting you know how a similar mechanism worked for me.:giggle:
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