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This was a T V12 that was in for regular service. This is not your ordinary E class. This E-class has an incredible torque of 772 Nm. With the largest transmission and rear axle ratio the E V-12 will do over 330 km/h (206 mph) while maintaining a quite tolerable long-term engine speed of 6250 rpm. The engine -7,3 S- is based on the V-12 usually fitted in the S / CL /SL 600 but has had its displacement increased, and has a special crankshaft and forged pistons. The cylinder heads have been reworked, along with sports camshafts and a high performance exhaust system with metal catalysts. It's not without reason that Brabus leaves a leaflet on the passenger seat upon delivery that states "The E V-12 should never be entrusted to inexperienced persons".

It took Brabus two years to develop this V12 E-class. 56% of the weight is on the front axle. The V-12 weights 100 kg more than the V8 in the E55 AMG. Brabus use Michelin SX MXX 3 Z-rated tyres in the dimensions of 245/40 ZR18 in the front and 285/30 ZR 18 in the rear. The Z-rated tyres were introduced along with the 340 km/h Bugatti EB 110. But the E V-12 is restricted to 330 km/h because no tyre manufacturer could provide tyres for this two-ton limousine reaching speeds exceeding 330 km/h.

A rear spoiler was dispensable provided the underfloor is paneled properly. At speeds of 300 km/h the Brabus front spoiler carbon lip provides a downforce effect corresponging to 100 kg on the front axle.

Is it a surprise that one of the first T V-12's produced was sold to F1 driver Michael Schumacher? The E V-12 and T V-12 are built to order by hand for the price of 457 700 DM.
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