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Easy route for amp wire through firewall

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I have checked all the threads and been to but I still haven't found an easy way through the firewall for my 8 gage amp power wire. Does anyone know a way though that doesn't involve drilling? This is on a 1995 GS sedan.

I hate to spend $100 for install just because I don't want to drill!
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errrrr, that didn't help much
sorry G, I'm new at this whole Forum thing! :)
After weeks of looking, trying to avoid the drill, I finally found the hole I needed. I, too, had the problem of my wire ending up behind the fender. I found the small grommet with a single wire coming though it today. It will be hard to explain, although maybe this picture can help. If you take your finger and feel behind this harness you will feel a single wire coming through a grommet. I used a straightened clothes hanger taped to the end of the 8 gage wire and worked it though the grommet right next ot the existing wire. This brought the wire into that area behind the fender. I fed enough wire through so that I could grab the wire and pull it out though the opening when the door was open. I then untaped it and put the clothes hanger down through the hole behind the charcoal canister. I fed the clothes hanger out so I could retape it, and pulled the hanger and wire out through into the engine bay! I am so happy I didn't have to drill!

PS, don't make fun of my 10 gage, I am only running a single 140 amp!

check out the pic I posted here:
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Did you see my attached photo of the spot where the wire goes through? (It is in the linked thread)
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