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Easy route for amp wire through firewall

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I have checked all the threads and been to but I still haven't found an easy way through the firewall for my 8 gage amp power wire. Does anyone know a way though that doesn't involve drilling? This is on a 1995 GS sedan.

I hate to spend $100 for install just because I don't want to drill!
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Don't talk to me about drilling.. arrhhh!! I ran 0-gauge wire to the back, yep, ZERO, thick as a garden hose! I didn't bother even looking for anywhere to run it through, I already had the drill assembled with the proper bit.

I ran the wire into the wheel well through a gromet near the firewall-driver side, took off the fender and drilled through at a spot a little higher and further towards the firewall from the kickpanel fuse panel. This was good, until I went a little too deep with the drill (when it gave way) and shredded a couple of wires in my main wire harness (not to mention all the sparks I saw).

I seriously thought I'm going to have major problems now. Turned out that I only damaged a couple fo the wires that run to the driver door lock switch (the one that locks all the doors in the car).

Till this day I havn't fixed it yet as it's almost impossiblek to get to the damage without taking half my dash apart and removing my fuse panel and clutch pedal. After looking at my wiring diagram, I decided I'm going to find the wires where they go into the driver door, cut them... and find them where htey enter the door lock control unit (easy to reacH), but them and bridge them with an entire new set of wires. Will save me a big headache and a **** load of time.

Had to express my feelings on the drill!!! Wasn't careful enough. At least I got the 0-gauge wire running nicely to the back :D

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