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Easy route for amp wire through firewall

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I have checked all the threads and been to but I still haven't found an easy way through the firewall for my 8 gage amp power wire. Does anyone know a way though that doesn't involve drilling? This is on a 1995 GS sedan.

I hate to spend $100 for install just because I don't want to drill!
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firewal hole for cables!!

I found the perfect hole for cables through the firewall on my 95 sedan. it´s not an easy job but it´s the best way. i put 5 cables and an big amp cable trough it. and i can put more if i want.
you need to remove the cables and the black box on the left side of the engine bay near the abs. under it you will find a big black sock. where all the cables from the engine go to the ecm.make a little hole in it an put there a strong flexible cable(pipe) through it.
afther a few minutes of trying you will come out under the glove box behind the airco. then make the cables you want on the strong pipe an put it back slowly. now you have your cables in the engine bay.

good luck
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