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Easy route for amp wire through firewall

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I have checked all the threads and been to but I still haven't found an easy way through the firewall for my 8 gage amp power wire. Does anyone know a way though that doesn't involve drilling? This is on a 1995 GS sedan.

I hate to spend $100 for install just because I don't want to drill!
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Don't know how similar on the G2 from the G1

But in my G1 I fed my 8 Guage throught the main cable bundle on the left side of the engine bay.
Where the cables leave the engine bay I found I had to remove part of the wheel well liner to access the entry point into the cabin. I made a small cut on the rubber liner around the cable bundle, used a bit of detergent and it went in like a charm.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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