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katonk said:
The seller gave me the name and number of a company that might be able to service the radio. No luck getting any of my money back. Oh well, $60 bucks down the drain.

I'm thinking that maybe I should report the seller to the IRS. The person is obviously running a business through ebay. I'm sure that the IRS would like to collecting some back taxes...

Anyways, thanks for the advice, feedback, and concern.
I don't think the IRS would give and crap. Online transactions are still tax free, unless congress pass that f*cking law that would levy taxes on online purchase. THEY BETTER NOT!!!:mad: Also there are millions of people running business off ebay, if they go after one, they have to go after all of them, doubt they'll do it because Ebay business owners are mostly small time, they want the big fish.
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