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Eclipse Head Unit to buy?

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I had a 5303R w/ 5v preouts before (3 of them).
But I want to move on up.
Is the 8v preouts on the newer ones all that much better / noticeable / cleaner signal?

Anyways, what are the newer models and what do you recommend?

This is kind of an open question, but I was told about the 5303R being the best for the $$$ when I bought it, so I want to the best for the $$$ now, 2-3 yrs later.

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I had a 2000 model 55430 with 5v preouts and I moved up to a 2000 55040 which is right below their flagship model. The 040 has 8v preouts and I did notice a difference once I got everything tuned. They're a great deck! I can't remember the model #'s for the new ones, but the top-o-the-line one looks like one awsome deck. With the copper plated chassis and 8 volt outs you 'll have crystal clear sound!
you sure you wnat to go with an "e-skips" :) :)

hehehe, to be honest, eclipse are good HUs, but I have always been able to notice a difference with a few of the 24 bit d/a converter HUs like NAK 45, clarion 9255...etc etc...just a thought...

but as for whether 8volt balanced out makes a difference, if you have stufff that has balanced inputs then yes, if not, then...I dont know :)

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