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Legend L 88, 123k miles, automatic

Have gotten following codes in last six months.
Code 8(TDC sensor), happened once about 6 months ago. Dealer checked (costed 45 bucks)and found nothing wrong. Was told to replace distributor (quoted over $400) if the same code comes back. However, never got the same code again.

3 months ago, got code 12 (EGR system). Reset ECU and the code disappeared.

2 months ago, got code 7 (Throttle angle sesor), could not get rid of this code by resetting ECU. Check engine light usually comes on after 10 minutes from starting cold. No notice on difference of car performance. Dealer told that sensor is also within the distributor body.

Question to all: is it still safe to driving by ignoring the light and code? Living on tight budget.:confused:
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