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ECU Reprogramming

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ok so a while back i remember a thread talking about reprogramming your ecu for performance purposes, has any one done this if so how did it work out for you? also i remember someone saying they knew how to do it anyone remember how might have said it? sam or gilbert i believe you know pretty much everything about our cars and the site so if you know any thing let me know please
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I asked Telion about it as well, he mentioned the A/F ratios being a bit difficult to decode. He's a good man, but there's only so much of him to spread around :D

A few G1 guys have advanced their timing, consensus is sort of split on how much that helps. We need to get over to the local European race shop and steal their dyno :yes:
WOW. That's +15/+18 . . . that's amazing. It's a race to the DIY section! Thanks much Jago, I had no idea. :bowdown:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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