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Engine Code for Legend Engines

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What are the codes for the Legend Engines?
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i think that the TYPE II engine is C32A1 and TYPE I is C32A dont quote me though. im not sure what the NSXs engine code is but judging by the B series the code could be C32C1. the C-class engines are really awesome. did you know that the C32 has 6 bolt main bearings. now seeing as some of my ******* friend find 350s with 4 bolt awsome and bullet proof, 6 is just astounding to them. and when informed that the C32A block was designed to go racing then they were mowed over by the fact that this engine can handle what it can, some actually converting to import loving. (check Japanese touring car for the NSX racing cars with the C32s in them). kinda nice to know we have a bullet proof block isn't it. just need different rods and piston and we're st8. sorry got just a tad off top but its cool to me.
no speed demon the new 6s are J-series. J30 and J32. but the NSXs new engine is 3.2 so that would make it the C32A.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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