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Engine smoking! already did valve seals :(

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So my engine has been smoking worse and worse lately so I decided to take on doing valve seals. Well I've been in engines before but never to do valve seals. So I took on the job as a new experience.
1)So I finished the seals with only a few problems installing them. I tapped too hard and tore up about 3 seals which i re-replaced before putting everything back together.
2)I also added some seafoam down in the spark plug holes to sit for a few days to free up any carbon on the rings (getting to why this is a bad idea in a min.)
3)I put everything back together and change my oil and crank over the engine minus spark plugs to get any residue out

So the problem is it starting smoking (steaming) out the exhaust. I pull all the plugs and cylinders 2 & 6 have steam coming out! So i bought the $40 bottle of head gasket repair b/c I'm not tearing this turd down again. I follow the directions and it seems to have taken care of the steam but I'm half way through right now.
Well I also barely hit the throttle and it seems to hang up and idle high. Probably the FITV not getting coolant yet.
HERE IS MY REAL PROBLEM: after it hangs up at idle like 1500-2000 rpm. The sucker smokes FROM OIL worse than before! I double checked all valve seals before buttoning it up the first time. what's the deal here? Am i missing something in the PCV system since I have a CAI and i am venting the passenger side breather to atmosphere?:wtf:
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actually it seems to be fixed after running through the whole procedure properly. I think there was just stuff left in the combustion chambers burning out. Take it to the junkyard..... my baby? no way!
i do still have an idle fluctuation problem. When I start the car all is fine. The instant I touch the gas pedal my car idles from 1500 - 2000. It did this before but I don't know how I fixed it. I need to know more about this air pipe system with using a CAI
update: I put on the stock air box with all vacuum lines and hoses to original. Everything works as should. NO SMOKE AT ALL!! Victory.
Don't celebrate yet, it's temporary, even the blue devil sealant that cost almost 100.00 doesn't last.
fork it! I'm happy for now and I got my motorcycle running today for the first time. I'm dancing for the day. Plus as much as I love my Legend. I will have to part with it sooner rather than later unless I choose to do a 3.5 engine upgrade but a part of me wants a 4 door.
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