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Engine swap C32A for C35A

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Guys, I have a question. I have a 1993 L coupe I swapped out the 1993
C32A for a 1994 C35A engine with super low mileage. The C35A engine is cranking but not turning over. Just installed the engine and made all modification outlined in the C32A to C35 swap hybrid swap document found on Acura fourm and the acuralegend wiki. I did not install the
C32A cam into the C35A engine and I did not replace the C35A Cam sensor in the C35A engine. Would not swapping the cam sensor make the engine crank without turning over? I checked the coil packs, injectors, timing and it has new new starter, spark plugs, timing belt, water pump? Anybody have any thoughts?

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what about ecu did you get it chipped to work with the 3.5?
A couple of tips, a car can't crank and not be turning over? If you mean it cranks but doesn't start then that would make sense.

No ECU modifications are required. I do believe you have to swap over the cam sensor or change a couple of the wires as they are positioned differently on the 3.5 vs 3.2 (again I'm going off of memory). You might want to post up on the site where you got the instructions as there are many more people there who have done the swap.

Edit: I read from one of the threads and on a 93 the cam sensor should be ok and not swap is needed. Therefore, I'd do a double check on your grounds, especially the one by the t-stat and the one on the passenger side valve cover connecting by the igniter.
Sandy Back again,

Got the C35A engine running and the engine is running cool but my check engine light is coming on each time shortly after I start (about 10-mins) the car. The car runs fine but I have a faint exhaust smell when I roll down the drivers window while sitting in traffic. I put new gaskets on when I changed the exhaust manifold and when I connected the Y-pipe of the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter. Any thoughts on where to start?

check the code that cel is throwing out.
I don't have an OBD1 tool the dealer is my only option for that unless you know another way to check the codes?

Paper clip if you search on here it will tell you how to read the codes I posted a list of the codes.
Sounds like a intermittent knock or crank sensor code.

It should be saved into the ecu, even if it does not appear.

I had the same issue with a knock sensor gone bad.
Matt (Sr5guy) did a 3.5 swap on my '93 coupe. A CEL resulted and it took him
a couple of months to finalize why (metal debris in fuel pump.) Your puzzle may need
very experienced and determined pursuit by an Acura technician. Mine did.
good luck.
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