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Engine tapping... Help!!!!

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I started my car this morning and I heard a tap tap tap tap tap coming from the front. Don't know if this noise is the belts or the engine. But after a couple of minutes it stopped. Also I was on E so I filled the tank up just in case that had something to do with it. What could this be? When I accelerated the tapping got faster. But like I said after a couple of minutes the tapping stopped!?!?!?
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I did a search and it could be the lifters. The fix was having a mechanic adjust the valves. How much would this generally cost/
The tapping you are reffering to is most likely the valves. Most every Legend has this tapping noise. There is nothing you can really do about it since out valves are self adjusting.
Put a bottle of engine oil conditioner about 100 miles before your next oil change and see what that does.. Just make sure you don't get the cheap stuff- I've had the best luck w/Prolong brand conditioners in my previous cars, as far as any valve or lifter noise is concerned.
190K on your LS huh? Thats excellent. Thanks for the tip. How's your engine running? How is your car running? Any major problems? I have a 92 LS with 166K. And right now thats my only problem (that I know of) thank goodness.
I guess the only problems i've had have been the radiator (cracked near a mounting point) and the halfshafts. The radiator was fixed by the place that sold it to me, the tranny shop messed up a speed sensor when fixing the halfshaft, so I got a check back from them for $350 for a $170 halfshaft job (I fixed the sensor myself for about 50 cents worth of electrical connectors and tape)
I've lucked out, the only repairs i've needed have actually made me a profit. lol
One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that you might want to have the oil pressure checked. Is there a check engine light or an oil pressure light that comes on when it's tapping? If you noticed the tapping all of the sudden it might mean the oil pressure is not building quick enough, and that's DEFINITELY something to worry about. Repairs might be more than you want to spend, but it's certainly better than sitting on the side of the road with a seized engine. Before you so anything though, run some oil conditioner through it and have the oil changed. When is the last time the timing belt was replaced?
btw- On the other hand, my previous car, a 1993 Chrysler LeBaron, went from about 62,000 miles to 157,000 miles with a bad lifter tick, so sometimes it's something you just have to live with.
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Well theres no check engine light or anything and also I just noticed it hasn't tapped since. BUT, I'm still going to go with the oil conditioner and the oil change definately cause the tap was definately alarmiing especially since I was questioned about it by someone that heard it several cars away in my parking lot.
CHECK YOUR SPARK PLUGS!!!! I HEARD SIMILAR TAPPING BEFORE AND THEY TAP FASTER WHEN ON THE STEPPING ON THE GAS. CHECK IT. One of my spark plugs came off and blew apart part of my ignition coil. I had to re-thread one of the part where the spark plugs goes, because it got all stripped and stuff. very bad moment for me. luckily, my mechanic did it for me for free. just had to go to the junk yard and grabbed another coil for 50 bucks. You maybe luckier than me and could be just the lifters. Some guys told me it was the lifters and just add some CD2(engine treatment) into the oil. that didn't help. so later things just got worse for me. Do procrastinate man. Check it out quickly.
Thats what I'm going to have to do: The Engine additives and and Oil change AND a complete tune-up and all that good stuff. What brand of spark plugs do you recommend?
the NGK platinum original equipment are the best for this car...long mileage between need to change and good performance. I would not use any other brand (nippon-denso was also original equipment on some). Plugs are about 11-15 bux depending on where you buy them (each!).
The tapping noise sound exactly like a valve tappet, they are hydraulic self adjusting and can tap a bit until they pump up after cold start. Should go away in a few seconds...doesn't hurt anything unless you get one that completely collapses and doesn't pump up...then (over time) it will damage the cam as it pounds up and down, but it will be VERY loud....tapping is normal. Cars with solid lifters are noisy until hot (solid lifters used in high rpm engines to avoid float) so don't get too excited over a little tapping. Sometimes CD2 or the like can free up a sticky tappet by removing gummy residues with oil detergent.
NJ Acura Shop

Hey Jewelers there is a shop in NJ, I just moved from NJ like a year ago. This guy worked for Honda, he can fix anything and he won't rape you with the price. It is in Middlesex Township, in Middlesex County on RT 28, right off Rt 22. The name of the shop is Luu's Honda/Acura repair. He pretty much does all the work in that area on hooked up Acura's and Honda's. I would seriously suggest checking him out, and when you are over there like 10 blocks down Rt 28 from Luu's there is a place called Z&R Auto Salon, they can get you anything you want to hook up your legend, and they are cool as hell. I got pretty much everything for my car there, from rotors to rims to lights to system. Hope this helps you out bro, good luck.
Thanks I'll have to definately check them out.
you should man, the guys that work there know what they are talking about, and he will probably be able to tell you what's wrong before it even gets on a lift. what part of NJ you in? you know where the shop is at?
I live in orange. I think I know the area. What are the surrounding tows?

it's not far from plainfield, dunellen, and boun brook. take turnpike to exit 10, which is 287. take 287 west to river rd exit, make rt on river rd, take down till it ends and make rt on lincoln ave, take that to the second light, it should be mountain ave and make a left on mountain, then take that a few blocks to Rt 28, then mk rt and go about 10 blocks and you will see Luu's on your left. I know it sounds like alot but it's not that bad a ride, once you get off 287 it's like 5 minutes to the shop. good luck man.
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