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Alright, I'm going to nip this in the bud right now.

After reviewing the website, it hasn't made any claim that would justify any of the claims they are making. Throughout the page, the values on the fuel economy improvements and suspected values constantly change to make the product seem more effective. The entire document is filled with dramatizations, grammar errors, and incorrect assumptions about science.

The website cites that it is a "epa registered" product. There is utterly meaningless and unregulated, which means it can be attached to anything. The site has also gotten several things wrong about the history of California air quality laws.

Many places it references that it is not some sort of gimmick fuel additive, but it never actually says what chemical is in it. It says that the additive helps vaporize the fuel or some other nonsense, but that wouldn't offer the gains they are promising. While better vaporized fuel will result in better fuel economy and horsepower, I can't imagine a type of substance that will perform that kind of physical reaction and be biodegradable. Frankly the best way to make sure your fuel is vaporized well is making sure your fuel injectors are clean.

The smoking gun for the failure of this product lies at the end of the page. At the end it offers a weight-loss type disclaimer by stating, "Gas savings and emissions savings with Ethos vary and are different from car to car and your driving habits. Example: Whether you have an agressive or more passive foot on the gas pedal." Ironically, they misspelled aggressive in their "legal" disclaimer.

Frankly, I'll renounce my previous statements if I receive a copy of the epa test done to show that this product does produce even a %5 increase in fuel economy or a %5 improve over any emissions.
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