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Ex Girlfriend

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You guys ever run into an ex girlfriend and be like OMG why did i leave her?
I was looking through the gallery and saw my old Legend off my old profile :) lol.
Damn I miss that car. Why did I leave her lmao!!
91 5MT Coupe
Blue painted Charcoal with a carbon fiber RSX Type-R wing + 17's
Intake, headers, 2.5 cat-back, 100 shot of Zex then NOS.
BHG and one crazy ex girlfriend later....... sold :-(


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Lol I may be thinking off my collection but only to replace them with the years I need. But some times you gotta do what you gotta do.
I actually found it last yr. The guy I sold it to tried to convert it to a Skyline :-/ SMH. Looked more like a 2dr maxima then anything haha. I was so sad, tear, tear ;'-(. As a matter of fact I miss my last to cars to haha. 93 H22 EG 245whp/ 95 TSI AWD 380-400whp. Oh well their in good hands now and I got my babies now 93/94 Sexy LS Coupes ;-)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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