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Extension shaft stuck

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Greetings, I am trying to remove the transmission from my 2002 RL, but cannot get the extension shaft out of the differential. I have a printout of the Helm manual for transmission removal. Watched videos and read every thread I could find. The plug came out, no problem. The transmission is in park. I made a large washer out of some 1/4" thick steel. I wrung the head off the bolt I was using to try to pull the shaft out with. Before that I was bending the bolt trying to pry the shaft out. I am replacing the transmission but don't want to have to remove more stuff than necessary. I tried hitting the shaft with a hammer to loosen it up, sprayed PBBlaster in their and let it sit over night. Nothing. Any tips or suggestins? It hasn't moved at all yet.
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Well I have had to use a tap twice to clean threads out in the extension shaft from where I stripped the threads off two bolts in it. I hit it with the air hammer a few times to try and break it loose. I run the shift linkage back and forth to make sure it was in park. My 1/4 thick homemade steel washer caved in a little bit. I am at a loss.
I broke down and bought the extension shaft removal tool with 2 day shipping from Amazon. ItIt should be here Thursday. If it doesn't do the job I am going to set the car on fire. :D
I never set the car on fire, but stopped working on it due to weather and frustration. I got the engine and transmission pulled out last week and the transmission is now sitting on a work bench. I still cannot get the extension shaft to move in or out. It will turn (and grind) by hand. I've been whacking it with a rubber mallet trying to get the tip out of the 36mm hole to remove the set ring so I can pull it out the bell housing. It's just not moving. Am I missing something? Does it need to be in a certain gear or anything? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
If you have the tranny by itself ( no diff attached), you will just have to lube and beat the hell out of it from the diff. side to break it loose. It is just rusted/frozen in there.
Thanks for the response. So I bought a used transmission from a junk yard the same day I bought the car, but kept it outside and the plastic landscape fabric I had it covered with blew off in a storm and I think it got rain down the dipstick tube. Then it stayed uncovered for 5 more months. Oops. So I was thinking that before I go buy another used transmission from a junk yard I would try to take the the extension shaft and the second driven gear assembly out of the rained on transmission and stick it in my old one. And yes I have printed out all the germane pages from the FSM. If nothing else I'll learn about transmissions. Or just put the rained on one in and change the transmission fluid twice. I'll sleep on it.
I decided that I am going to take the oil pan off the rained on transmission and try to get all the fluid and water, if any, out, replace the filter, and swap out all the sensors from the broken transmission to the rained on one and install it.
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