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F/S 93 Coupe L

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Selling my car since it isn't in running condition and figured those who are interested in fixing it up or whatever could take a look at it. 93 Acura Legend 2 door black. Car overheated and I heard a pop noise and now the car will barely start and so I'm sure a new engine is in need. Included in the car is the telion chip, black and white leather seats from katskinz. Has had body work and could use some paint here and there. The best bet is to come and take a look at it. Not the worst legend out there but could use some work for you enthusiasts. I've owned two legends in my life and I'm ready to move on. 278000 miles on the odometer. indiglo guages. Again, there are issues and so forth that if you're truely interested, I would just ask you come take a look at it in Nebraska. Price is negotiable since it isn't or won't be in running condition. My cardomain link has images from a few years ago.
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I have the suspension and engine setup. you have the interior and clean body setup... I wish i could get your car and put them both together.. good luck with your sale
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