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F.Y.I. Good car stereo website prices.....

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I found this website, I did my own research on one cd/cass car stereo.....

I stated out with this model - AIWA WD-X500M 1.5-DIN CD & Tape Deck w/Detach Face $259.99

Good guys price $299.99

Both of the sites offer no tax, only Good Guys offers free shipping (well thezeb does too but only on some models). Now as u know Good guys will beat any price (plus shipping). The Zeb charges $9.95 for s/h. So wot u would pay at Good Guys is $270 which is better than $300. But browse around and compare prices w/Best Buy etc. and u'll c that has outrageous good prices. I found some prices that had $100 diference!. If anyone has other websites post them for our legend community.

Sorry it was kind of long just trying to inform out community where to get bargains. The only bad thing about all of this is that u would hav to install the stereo but if u don't mind the work, this one is for u ;).

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Good site thanks. But they don't stock JL Audio, Dam*! I like this one too
Wow!!!!!!!! That is a good website, I found that the one I was doing a research on is only $189.90 I couldn't get s/h or tax (tax - that's if it does apply). But I wasn't able to compare other stereos for some weird reason. But either way that is a good website ;), good going jrock7791. I might end up ordering that stereo :D.

hehe... i got my hook ups from al and ed's. my buddie can hook me up with stuff with online prices. even ebay! hahaha... i think i can help a few socal guys get some audio stuff if they need it. or even installs if you want since i'm coo with the guys there and they aren't shady like some shops.
hey - i just found a place that has *insane* prices, and they look to have a good rating on resellerratings as well... <>.

latin - check this out - here is that aiwa stereo for *$225* with $12.50 shipping.

i actually ordered a stereo from them a week or so ago, but it won't be in stock until early june : (

can't forget about or Ordered several things, can't find a thing to complain about.
one thing about ordering from any online pirces, be sure you CALL ahead of time and ask if the particular item you want is will save you a lot of headache :)

for me, I utilize these:

with the best results...but I have local dealers so I don tuse them as much anymore...
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