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Neil4Speed said:
Dude, When I say standard is, if the car is pre wired for these things and I simply need to buy a control or something. Ok, lets admit, MY Acura is not like a Mercedes, But because many of you have these kinds of options you do have something that is BETTER than a Mercedes.


You can check if your car has factory alarm by looking under your dash to the right of the steering wheel. There should be a metal box ther that has a lable with something like Honda Security on it.
If you have it - it means you have factory alarm.

In terms of keyless entry and trunk pop, you can buy a basic keyless entry kit and hook it up.
Keyless entry is the easiest. it is just 2 wires - lock and unlock that you tap onto your powerdoorlocks control unit (small box attached to your factory alarm).

Trunk pop up is fairly easy too. You just find 1 wire near your fuse box and hook up a relay to it.

If you search the threads, you'll find a lot of info on this topic. This is where I got all my info.
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