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Hi all

How r u doing ?

Any info is appreciated

What kind of Fogs should I buy to match HIDs

How have u hooked them up, with the parking lights or a seperate switch? What do u recommend?

Is PIAA any good ? Ive heard the match pretty well with HIDs. What other brands should I look for ?

How much do u guys think is a fair price for :

1. Installing Konis on all 4 corners (got quoted 200 bucks, dayyyymnnnnnnn)

2. Installing HIDs

3. Installing Fogs (R our legends prewired ?)

4. installing an intake (want it for the sound)

Sorry for all the Qs

BTW I have a 93 Coupe LS

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for foglights, I would say get ion gold or yellow fogs to contrast the color of HIDs, besides fog lights are useless in inclement weather unless they're yellow. I got catz MSX fog with ion gold bulbs, it looks really great with my HIDs.

As for installation, legends are only prewired for Factory fogs. unless you want to do some creative wiring to get aftermarket fogs to work with factory wiring. Besides the wiring for aftermarket fogs are fairly simple. I wired my fogs to turn on with my parking lights and I also have a switch, so I can turn them off.

$200 to install koni for all 4 is not a bad price, I would let a professional do the work unless you have some heavy duty tools to do it yourself.

Intake, HID and fogs are all DIYs, Intake should take 15min. HID 20min, and fogs maybe a hour.
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