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Falken Azenis FK453 has Arrived

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UTQG: 300AA,A (All Sizes)


The AZENIS FK453 is the latest generation of Falken's flagship ultra high performance tire's available in a wide array of diameters, from 17-inch to
22-inch, along with staggered widths, making this tire versatile, resourceful, dynamic, and powerful. In addition, FK453 features the latest developments
in noise-absorption technology, and incorporates a high silica compound that presents better dry and wet grip. The multiple nylon-reinforced layers allow
for better high-speed stability, an important asset based on the driver's exacting demands.

Click here for: Sizes, Specs, and Pricing on the Azenis FK453
Additional specs can be found HERE


  • Rayon Construction
Retains the tires profile during some of the most extreme driving conditions helping to improve high speed stability and handling.​

  • High Polymer Silica Compound
Designed and tested to meet the demands of European roads, the new high polymer based compound provides superior traction
and grip for those seeking ultra high performance needs.​


Azenis FK453 Commercial - YouTube

Falken Tire - Azenis FK453 Product Video - YouTube

If you are running the Falken Azenis FK453, post your review here along with a picture or two. We, as well as Falken, would love to read them.
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