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fan contol module

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I have an 88 legend, just replaced my fan contol module with a 89 or 90 module (from junk yard). they look a little different, this one is white, my old one was black. Is it normal for the fan to kick on at a different time then with the 88 module. It seems yesterday that my temp gauge showed a half way or a tiny bit more before my fan kicked on. before with a working fan control module my temp gauge would never get to the half way point. Should return the fan control module for another one or if my fan is kicking on should I be satisified? Thanks for the help.
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i rigged mine!... got a relay so that when i turn on the car the fan kicks on (costed me 3 bucks for the relay and another 2 for connectors!) it works FINE... ill throw ya together a diagram if ya would like... took about 20 min (the hardest part is finding a hole to go into the cab to get to a key activated power source... :D
How much did you pay for it at the yard? If it wasn't much I wouldn't worry about it. The fan in mine was making the typical buzzing noise so I just jammed some duct tape into it and my auto climate still works fine. As long as it works I wouldn't worry about it.
I would appreciate the diagram. That will be my the next step if I have fan problems. I may change out the thermostat also.
I paid twenty eight at the junkyard. The fan is kicking on now right when my temp gauge gets a little over half. Then it stays put.
If the relay is turning the fan on, and your car isn't over heating, then I say leave it. My 89 runs with the temp needle right in the middle of the range even stuck in traffic on a sizzlin' day.
894door, the diagram will be a great help. I am, on my second unit.
hey guys... i was thinking... my situation isnt the same as yalls... i had my AC fan controller coming on all the time... so i ran a relay so that it would only come on when i turned the key... it kept draining my battery... i can still do up a diagram... but i dont thnk it will be what you want.. im sorry to give false hope.... :(

Yup the diagram will be fine. Thanks
Just an update, the fan module from junk yard works great.
when i had same prob in my '88, i just jumpered the two wires that go to the FCM which are only under power when the ignition is hot. = fans run when engine is running, off when it is off.
total cost = two spade connectors and a 2" piece of wire.

I am the king of cheap, although I fixed it properly later, this is a good tip for the side of the road fix if needed.
check your temp sending unit, seems like it's a bit "off" and not sending the "on" signal to your FCU till a hotter temperature. It could also be your twopoint relay but I doubt that.
Bukowski=Legend, could describe your connection in more detail? Which two wires did you connect? This is indeed a good tip and thing to have in a car when overheating is caused by fan not powering on.
the fan control module is located (on my '88 sedan) in the lower left (drivers side) of the radiator. unplug the plug. it has two wires inside the plug. make a short piece of wire with two spades on it to jumper between the two wires inside the plug. the wire completes the circuit and when the ignition is on, the fans run all the time, everytime.
hope it helps someone.
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