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Fan Problem

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The fan on my engine keeps running even after the car has been off for sometime, this just started. Any ideas as how to stop this(fix it) I have taken the fuse out to stop it over night so as not to run down the battery.
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The fan runs on a tempurature sensor, and it's either the sensor or the wiring. When the problem appears pull the wires off of the sensor and the fan should stop. If it does the sensor is the problem, if not it's a short in the wiring.
There is a fan control module which is attached to ECU. It is on the passenger side of the car. If faulty the fan could come on even after the engine has been off for a few hours.
My 88 coupe 5 spd does the same thing , but it usually starts running just after I park it .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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