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Ferrari, TT Supra and my Legend

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Tonight on my way home from work I come whipping off of an on-ramp on to the main road. I notice about 4 car lengths back someone took notice and tried to catch up. Looking harder in my rearview mirror I see it's a Ferrari. So I floor it. The Ferrari comes up me and fly's by followed closly behind by a TT Supra. They pull about 20 car lengths ahead of me, I am doing around 120 - 130 at this point and we all slow down for traffic.

So traffic opens up again, we all take off... a few moments later to Supra gets off an exit.

So now it's me and the Ferrari and to tell you the truth, when both nailed it he didn't pull on me as hard as that M5 I raced several months back...

So me and the Ferrari played around for a while and at one point I ran my car up quite high and the ferrari guy looks over and gives me the thumbs up :) Hehehe... down the road some we open it up a third time and I ran it back up as high as I could and he was gone. He went whippin in and out of traffic at that point and I don't do that anymroe so I let him go.

I got off my exit and almost immedielty I start overheating. I dumped out over 3/4 of a gallon of anti-freeze from my blown headgasket after pushing her that hard. Oops.. I just couldn't resist, how often do you get to hang with a Ferrari? Lemme rephrase that, how often does a Ferrari let you hang with him? Hehehe :D
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haha thats tite. hows ur car?
Your a nut nick :D

U better get it fixed before our next meet.

This reminds me when a friend of mine was racing a Porsche in his 88 (I believe) Celica All Trac. His All Trac was modified with better turbos and such, but the outside looks like crap. Mostly primer grey :) Anyway, they were doing a little over 150 MPH with him right at the edge of the Porsche's rear bumper. The driver of the Porsche looked very suprised. After it was done, my friend blew his headgaskets as well I think because he said he didn't notice he was over boosting. Oh well. he claims it was fun and worth it :D
I already went into this one knowing I had a blown headgasket. I also removed my Bayou chip when I figured out my headgasket was blown to reduce the stress on the engine... But I didn't damage anything doing this since the headgasket was already blown, I just managed to displace enough coolant in 20 minutes that would normally take about 3 hours of driving :p I hope I see him again on my way home tonight :D
What kind of Ferrari Nick? You know some of the early 80's 308s were only low/mid 200 HP.
Dave C ver2.0 said:
What kind of Ferrari Nick? You know some of the early 80's 308s were only low/mid 200 HP.
I wish I knew. I even got a good look at the back of it, but I was concentrating too much on driving to try and get the model. I don't follow Ferrari's closely but I can tell you I am pretty certain it was a late 80's model. It was a convertible as well.
kinda reminds me of when i saw a nice ass countach at the light and pulled up right next to him...and i took off at the light, but by that time he was gone! :rolleyes:

haha, i knew i had no chance, i just wanted to see that thing fly by real quick!
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