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Finally got my Type II/6-spd ECU

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These things are not easy to find for a decent price. Just bought one for $80 with shipping and NYS tax.
Now I just need someone with a 6-spd in the area to test it for me. Any takers? I'm in BK. It's just to swap it with yours for 5 minutes and make sure it's good.

Unless someone knows of another way to test it. Will it work in a Type I Auto? I mean just to start the car and check idle and stuff.

*dealer says it's tested and in full working order but just need to see for myself*
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I'm looking for a Type II ECU for a good price for an auto sedan, where did you get yours from?

Good luck with the unit? I hope it works

FLATBUSH AVE. representa
FLATBUSH AVE. representa
That's whazzup, I'm at Flatbush and Glenwood (Flatbush Junction).

Ok we're talkin' Type II Auto lowest price is $50.22 in SC next is $75 in GA or NC. Here's a link
Where I'm From

I'm originally from the corner of New York and Flatbush out by East New York. Good to see BK at its best? Tell me how that thing works. I just got a Type II engine put in but want to see if its worth it. Alot of people tell me it is fromt he forum so I might go ahead and get it.

Good looking out on the link and again... good luck!
Yeah the type II ECU is supposed to really free up the horses that the Type I restricts. You should def. notice a difference. How much did you pay to drop in the Type II engine? US or JDM?

How does what work?

I gotta jdm alpha touring type II but it is still not in yet. had a bhg in my motor after hitting 300k miles in it. ive been in nassau for the past week so the dude wasnt rushing to do it. the thing that sucks is that the type ii emblem is ripped off.

I hope it runs nice. I am doing everything I can to keep it giong for a good 300k miles more. Ill keep you posted on how it runs.

But the jdm type ii ecu suppsed to 32 bit instead of the usdm 16 bit and Kenso told me what that meant in the thread I created when my bhg hit.
i have a type 2 auto computer for 120.00 i cant beat car price but mines is out of a 95 couple with 80,000 miles, im not from BK but i be on the corner or nostrand and church alot
Do you have to use the JDM ECU with the JDM engine? I'm not sure, I hope not.

Almost have all the 5/6-speed swap parts. Picked up a 5-SPD flywheel for $30.
Does anyone have a clutch master cylinder reservoir w/ bracket. I don't know why such a small low cost part is giving me so much trouble to find. Or even an aftermarket brand res. I called the dealer $2xx (yeah right)
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