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Finally some pics of my car!!!

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Just some pictures of my car i just got a hold of a camera.... sorry about the garage i was blocked in.

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Very nice......I do LUV red !!!!!!....:):)....
ryan_1988 said:
nice ride. I like the cup holders alot, what car are they from and what did you have to do to get them in. Also, what seat covers are those, some ordered from e-bay or custom made? I would like to know because i am finishing painting my car linclon jet black this week and need new covers and those look perfect. Thx Ryan
If you do a search on the cup holders......I think they're from a Ford Taurus. If you're repainting......then spend the extra money and check out: ......I've had new leather installed in both my Coupes.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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