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Welcome to the forum, Me! These are pictures of my second Legend. My first was an '88 LS Sedan but she was T-boned on the driver-side door. (anyone from dallas need parts? first dibs to forum members) My new baby is a '93 LS Sedan. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! My friends are all green with envy, and a few of them have made up their minds to buy Legends of their own :giggle:
Washed the car today for the first time since I've had her. I tried to hold out longer but only made it 2 days before breaking down and sudsing her. [EDIT] This is the first car i have ever waxed. Took longer than I thought but i caught myself zoning out and relaxing.
Well, enough chatter. Time to march out some pictures!

The Legend being the shiniest car on my block:

heres the cliche "oh my god im about to be run over but i dont care because that car is so farking cool" angle

I like this picture because the camera made everything seem much darker than it actually was and because i think reflections are awesome.

Oh yeah... climate control owns. :bowdown:

the carpeting needs a vigorous shampooing. Any suggestions as far as products?

Well, thats all the pictures for today. It got dark while i was uploading the photos but tomorrow ill get some better shots. Hope you guys like it!

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Graboids!! said:
thanks for the suggestion.
Im having trouble identifying the paint color. is it Canterbury Green?
What is the paint code? Look in the drivers door sill.
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