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I got into my first race last night with my six speed. I turned on to the highway, with a bunch of traffic ahead of me, and I see this newer maxima (1995-2000?) making a dash for it as he gets on the open road.

So I catch up to him and pass him, and the light ahead went yellow, so I came to a stop for the red. The maxima was now way behind me, and I was hoping for him to come beside me so we could light em' up. As he was coming to a stop, the light went green, so he had a rolling start on me.... I slammed it into first and went for it... I caught up with him by the start of 2nd gear, and when I got beside the maxima, it was some old dude, like 40 and his mother who was like 60+. He had this look on his face like he was Jeff Gordon or something... anyways, I was playing a bit of catch-up, ....we were neck and neck, me gaining slowly....but by the time I was in third gear, it was all over.... I hit 100mph and he was about 3 car length behind me. The roads were a bit slippery so I did not want to push it. Gotta love that third gear though.

It was pretty fun..:cool: My girlfriend was laughin' at the guy too..... Just thought I would share my first race:)

Man... I think I need shifting lessons too:rolleyes:
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