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fixing all the problems..

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I bought a 88 Acura Legend.. I t started out with a problem of the code flashing that the crank sensor being bad and it was so I changed it ,after the alt. was changed too.. then it would not idle right,so I found that the thermostat was not good so I replaced it too.. then I bled the system and it still won't idle.. it's flashing code 14,so I tested the IACV and it test 12 ohms, so that's close,then checked to ground,then checked for voltage,it tested ok.. cleaned it for carbon.. the next step is to check the ECU.. or replace the IACV ??? I have checked all the vacuum lines also.. the car runs really good but the idle going from 800rpms to 1100 rpms... I paid $600 for the car and have replace timing belt,and the crank sensor,thermostat,plugs,wires,and all the other things... and I have $215.00 into it so far.. My buddy owns a NAPA store, so I get the parts at his cost.. so part's are cheap.. so what do i do next??? change the IACV?? or is my ECU causing me to chase my tail??
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Hey there, when you replaced the parts, did you reset the ECU by removing the ECU fuse in the engine bay fuse box? Remove the fuse for about 15-20 seconds. Then place the fuse back and drive it around for a bit to see if anything changes or if the codes return.
Look at my UPDATE post below. Been having the same issues. Bleeding the cooling system is paramount. You may not realize but there could be air in the system which can cause an erratic idle as well.
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