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Floor Mats

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Does anybody know where I can find floor mats for the G1 Legend Coupe? Cuz the one's I want the dealer discontinued
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I still use the OEM mats that came with the car when new - they still look good after 12 years - and they are beige in color. Vacuum them every month or so. Anyone else use their original mats?
I'm still using my original mats.

I have a smaller aftermarket carpeted mat over them to protect the high wear areas.
My local dealer had 1 set of G1 Coupe floor mats in stock. I bought them. Pricey, but perfect. Call around to a bunch of dealers and see if anyone has some left over.
I used the red ones from my old 89 civic HB they fit almost perfect the pass. side is a little too big but looks clean, the drivers side is ok except the gas pedal cut out is wierd but looks good.
alright, thanks!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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