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I was just wondering if anyone could help me by showing me how to install a flush kit for the cooling system.

Now as a novice to cars I don’t know where the heater hose are and how to install the flush kit.

Should I connect the two heater hose together via the ‘T shaped tube that came with the flush kit’ and attach the water hose to it, and also do I need to remove the heater valve??? If so how are you suppose to do that.

And must I remove the thermostat, could I flush the cooling system with it still in place?

And if I have to remove the cooling system, how do you do it?


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Ahhh... forget the instructions that came with the flush kit, it's got unnecessary added steps like; remove heater valve, replace it with the "T" shape tube, screw that.

Well, if you have not done it yet.. this is how I flush and clean my cooling system on all my vehicles;
1. Disconnect radiator hose from the thermostat housing.
2. Remove thermostat housing.
3. Remove thermostat from the engine.
4. Re-install thermostat housing (w/o the thermostat).
5. Using a water hose, force fresh water into the thermostat housing opening, allowing water to back-flush into the engine, heater and radiator. Back-flush the system until the water flowing from the radiator hose is clear.

After flushing and cleaning;
1. Remove thermostat housing.
2. Install new thermostat.
3. Remount thermostat housing.
4. Reconnect radiator hose and refill cooling system with fresh coolant.

Also, remove/clean coolant reservoir and fill with fresh coolant... purging or bleeding any air trapped in other parts of cooling system has been addressed on this forum in the past, just search for it... hope this helps! ;)

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Also, when you refill the system, use Honda coolant.
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