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I've searched but theres so many threads my head is spinning. I got an FM mod for my stereo, and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest an alternate power source other than a piggyback fuse (cord i have would be too short to run from fuse box) or tapping the ignition harness. I read that stevieray tapped the cig lighter connection. In this case would you just cut the sheath of one of the cig lighter wires and tape on the cord? Heres a pic of the power connection I need to find a home for.

Never known much about the electrical so any help is appreciated

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yeah i dont know why that wire is made that way.

the only reason i could guess if you acutally cut a wire in half

i dont remember if those style connectors are sold in radio shack either...

but what you should do is just buy a t-tap from radio shack and tap it into your cigarette plug lighter or any 12v source...

and then just attach the black wire to ground.
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