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Food for NOPI

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OK. Time for some advance planning. As many of the Bear Mt and Carlisle attendees know I can do up so good Q (BBQ). So here's the question: Do the Legend folks want to have a BBQ feed at NOPI?

Given my logistics, it would be my meat and locally procured potato salad and cole slaw. This would not be a free feed (unless someone comes up with a sponsor). Pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken, ribs; I can do it all. So what do you guys think? Pulled meat I'd figure at $5 per person, Ribs (pork baby back) at $10 per person Of course all would depend on head count and local support for stuuf like plates, utensils etc.

I never make a profit doing this, just trying to pull the Legend community together.

Please spare the boards bandwidth and PM or EMail me direct. Posters will NOT be counted/considered.
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hook it up
Hey Man,

$10 would probably be cheaper than what a hot dog and fries would cost from the vendors. Count me in! Peace.

Will "Livin' Legend":2cool:
sounds like we are going to be well covered. ;)
the food there sucks, and is expensive
or is half decent and real expensive

so bring ur taste buds and money for Dave C's Alcoholless bar and Grill
To be honest guys, at less than a half dozen people willing to commit, it isn't worth my time. It's only economical when I get larger numbers.

If I'm gonna do anything its this weekend. So chime in with those PMs and EMails. Like I said before, posters will not be counted.
Well, still not much response so here's what I'll do: This will be a "sampler meal". A few ribs, some pulled pork and texas brisket plus sides. First pay, first served. Once I have everything done I'll know the cost (but it won't be over $10 based on experience).

I've also invited the CL and TL guys to partake so I'm sure of no leftovers.

Lunch from 11 to 1.
Will the CL And TL guys be parked with us. I hope we get first place in line. I hope they son't eat too much. What about drinks do I need to bring my own. Peace.

Will "Livin' Legend" :2cool:
Bring your own drinks. I only have so much cooler space.
My mother said she would make a lot of potato salad for NOPI. Are we doing this Fri, Sat, and Sun? Hope it helps!
OK. I'll take you up on the potatoe salad. Always up for trying someone elses recipes. The feed will be saturday afternoon.
Hey I'll bring some drinks.

Will "Livin' Legend":2cool:
hey, im down, leon call me tonite peace
Hey Dave i'ma bring some Chicken breast.... Could I BBQ them on your grill?:D

Also I'll provide that SOUTHERN Ice Tea i've become SOOOOO Addicted to Sweetened of cource...:D

This will be Sat. & Sunday if possible...
I'm not bringing a grill. Everything is precooked then reheated.
Dave C ver2.0 said:
I'm not bringing a grill. Everything is precooked then reheated.
Smart. Well then can I warm up my precooked chicken?:D
Thai.95LCoupe said:

Smart. Well then can I warm up my precooked chicken?:D
Everything I am bringing will be in vacuum sealed bags then reheated in hot water on my camp stove. But you know cold grilled chicken is pretty tasty as it is.
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