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I notice the subject of auto trans maintenance comes up alot here and with good reason. So here's something I did to help mine.

As I said in another post, I owned an automatic '88 Coupe L and drove it a little hard (I was used to Sports cars all my life), and soon the tranny died. After the repair, I added an external filter in line from the trans cooler to the trans. This used a typical GM spin-on oil filter and caught alot of debris before it entered the trans. I got the kit from Summit Racing and it cost me about $27.

This is cheap insurance for your trans and it helps it run cooler due to the slight increase in the amount of fluid.

P.S. It was easy to install also. I hope this helps somone. Eli.
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A great idea, Eli. I'll do just that before my tranny goes bad. Thanks.
:confused: Where did you attach the filter housing to? I had my tranny rebuilt by a reputable shop and they put in what looks like a gasoline in-line filter. I haven't had time to go back to the shop and ask what kind of filter that is and where I can buy it. Reading your post about putting an oil filter in-linee makes more sense than what looks to be a fuel filter.

Thanks for sharing this info.
Thanks Eli...this is great info to compare to and I'll start seeing where there is room for it and such...Now this is a bit hard to believe about tranny shifting smoother but in the last week I have used a fuel additive from WaL- Mart and used it at half the recommended dose and I do notice a better overall take off...smoother idle.. and shifts don't hit as hard...GO FIGURE!!!
I was about to clean my throttle body and all kinds off misc fixes and checks when I decided to try this first,, Stayed with 87 octane...hope this is not a mistake cause it does feel better thru the lower torque range to about 2600 rpm... after that same ol' ssame ol'...just my thoughts..thaks again for all the help!!
Leo a dose of fuel injector cleaner in the tank before an oil change is always a good thing. Use the gas out before the oil change .You need to keep the spray patterns of the injector nice and fine all the time. The injector cleaner is good insurance in this regard- not too much though as some injector cleaners are too harsh if used regularly.

NSX engines are supposedly more sensitive to this.
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