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Sorry I've already posted this thread a few months ago, but I had to leave the country and wasn't able to follow up on it...
I am selling my 91 Legend Coupe. It's a 91 body with a 93 engine imported from Japan with less than 30,000 miles. There is also an imported transmission, also with under 30,000 miles. This was my project car so I could learn how to do things with cars... It had some damage to the back, but I had it fixed. It needs a new hood, and I have the top piece of the front bumper, so it needs only the bottom piece. I didn't have time to finish everything I wanted to, so I just placed the engine and transmission in the car... I drove the car about 30 miles from the garage to my house and it ran, but since then it's been sitting for almost 4 months and there is something wrong with the steering wheel.. it needs to be looked out. You will need to take the engine and transmission out and re-connect everything. I have 2 extra doors for the car that are in good condition, from my old Legend. The interior is beige... it's not "in" the car, it needs to be done, but I have everything for it.
I live in Houston, TX. I am moving out of state Monday, the 31st, and I need to sell it before I go because I need to pay for the moving company.
I would like to get $1200 OBO. I love this car and I'm sad that I have to sell it... The car is very clean... The wheel wells are almost sparkling clean. There are new crossdrilled rotors and brakes on the car. The engine cost me $1250. I bought the body from a junkyard for $1000. The transmission cost $350. I have all the reciepts and titles for the car.
My email is [email protected] you can contact me for more information. I have pictures, but can't upload them... if you are interested, email me and I can send them to you ASAP... I prefer to sell to somebody local b/c I am moving Monday.
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